What is eqhq.com?

eqhq.com is a platform to buy, sell and manage your equipment fleet. eqhq.com is the first full service heavy equipment e-commerce marketplace that offers no buyer fees and the lowest seller fees in the industry. The eqhq.com platform offers a complete online solution for the equipment industry. It simplifies the buying and selling process. It offers buyers more choices from reputable sellers. It enables sellers to reach new markets, to expand their client base and increase sales. It is easy to use and will change the way your business works. eqhq.com’s dashboard gives you all the information on your transactions, available at your fingertips 24/7.

Start buying - How do I register as a user?

Registering as a user is simple and takes less than a minute. Click here and complete the provided form. After you have completed the form and clicked "Sign Up" you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided. Click the "Activate My Account" button in the email and you can begin searching and managing your fleet on eqhq.com.

What does it cost?

With eqhq.com you can manage, value and search for free. You can list your equipment for free and there are no buyer fees. eqhq.com charges the lowest seller success fees in the industry. eqhq.com only charges fees if your transaction is a success. See our Fee Schedule and Terms and Conditions for more information.

Am I committed to buying and selling with eqhq.com?

Absolutely not! We do not require any sort of commitment from either buyers or sellers. You can continue working with all the existing platforms and marketing channels you are currently using and consider eqhq.com an additional tool to bring incremental business to your company.

How do I buy an item?

Once you find the item you want, click Buy Now or Make an Offer on the listing page to start placing an order. Entering your information and completing each step will extend the time the equipment is reserved for you to schedule your delivery or pick-up. Find the item you need in an instant with eqhq.com. There is no need to waste your time going from site to site, searching for the item you need. Simply, type in what you are looking for and within seconds you have reliable inventory that is currently available. eqhq.com saves your business valuable time and makes sure you receive the best equipment at the best price.

What does Purchase Pending mean? Can I buy those items?

"Purchase Pending" means that another customer is currently placing an order on that item. If that customer does not proceed with the purchase, the item will become available again. We encourage you to favorite the item on the details or search results page so that you can be notified if the item becomes available.

Are eqhq.com's items certified?

Each of our items comes with the eqhq Shield, a detailed 150-point inspection process to earn our eqhq.com quality standard, a free limited warranty (on eligible items) and our We Make It Right policy.

Does eqhq.com offer any warranties or protections?

Every eligible item we sell under 7 years old or 7,000 miles comes standard with a 6-month Limited Warranty and a We Make It Right Policy. We also offer products to extend coverage beyond the Limited Warranty.

What happens after I schedule my delivery or pickup?

Our team will verify the information that you have entered for your purchase, look at the documents you have uploaded, and review the details of your purchase. We'll let you know if we need any additional information before confirming your delivery or pick-up.

Why should I order through your site vs. trying to connect directly with the seller?

Paying online through our site is the easiest way to pay for an item. When you pay through us, you're covered by the eqhq Shield, so you know your money is protected, documents are properly taken care of and there is a resource to help with the process – all for much less than you could do it on your own. Benefits include:

  • Comprehensive payment protection that protects you against listing fraud, phishing, significantly misrepresented items, liens and more.
  • Premium customer service that is available should you have issues or questions regarding your items and are unable to reach/ resolve with the seller.
  • Reselling assistance to help you return an item, if you are not satisfied

With our payments system, you can pay for the entire item through our online platform with your Bank, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. In some instances, PayPal may be used.

Items paid for outside our checkout flow are not covered by the Shield and violate our terms and conditions. eqhq.com may bill you directly and you agree to pay for paying for any items outside our system. Never send payments using services like MoneyGram or Western Union.

How can I trust eqhq?

eqhq provides the eqhq Shield, a detailed 150 point inspection process, a free limited warranty and our We Make It Right policy on every transaction. We use Stripe and Plaid to protect your capital. We run serial number checks on all equipment to look for stolen items. When possible, we run a lien check. We hold all capital until both parties confirm pick up.

How do I Compare Items to Always Make the Best Choice?

eqhq.com’s comparison tool takes all of the guesswork out of choosing the right item. With it you can view the items’ important details side-by-side, allowing for educated choices to be made quickly and easily. This unique feature improves the efficiency of your purchasing process.

How do I Get Better Results?

Get Accurate and Up-to-Date Search Results. The search results display available items along with all the vital information, all easily accessible at a glance. This includes the pricing, the pertinent certification and more. The items you see are always the latest inventory from trusted sellers. Set alerts to have your favorite items or key searches send you emails or texts so you don't need to monitor the site. We do the work and keep you posted of any new developments so you can focus on running your business.

Where do you get your data, and how reliable is it?

eqhq.com obtains and processes data from well-known sites within the industry to ensure that we present the most accurate pricing information available. We also acquire equipment configuration data, customer and equipment dealer incentives data, financing and loan data, registration and insurance data, and much, much more. Our equipment data is among the most timely and comprehensive in the industry. Our sampling of the total number of equipment sales nationwide provides us with significant confidence that our data is representative of the market as a whole. Statistical analysis shows that on average, we have 95% confidence that our projected Price per sale in a given week is within 10% of the average price of all nationwide sales transactions during that week. Please keep in mind that this is the average for all items. If you are evaluating the average price for any specific item (particularly one with very low sales volume), the deviation from the national average for that item can be substantially greater.

How recent is your data?

Our pricing information is updated weekly, and details are checked daily and updated as new information is validated. The transactions we use are the most recent available.

Does eqhq.com's deal rating factor in the attachments or options?

eqhqs’ deal rating takes many factors into account, such as make, model, year, trim, options, mileage, equipment history and geography.

This information comes to us via many sources. We work closely with dozens of feed providers, and the vast majority of data comes through correctly.

What can I do if someone leaves me a negative or fraudulent review?

The email notification you get when a buyer leaves a review includes an invitation to respond to the review directly or challenge it as fraudulent. The best approach to negative reviews is to respond publicly, honestly, and calmly. Keep in mind that you're not necessarily trying to win the reviewer over -- you're writing a response to demonstrate to other that you're professional, reasonable, and trustworthy.

If a review goes beyond just being negative into actually being deceptive or fraudulent, we'll look into it. Keep in mind:

  • We will not remove negative reviews simply because they're negative. We will remove fraudulent reviews, we just need you to submit evidence of the fraud.
  • eqhq.com strongly discourages dealers from asking customers to write reviews while still at the dealership or providing any financial incentive to a customer for leaving a review.
  • Though they are still available to users, we do not include reviews older than two years when calculating a users overall rating.
How do I upload my heavy equipment documents?

You can save your heavy equipment documents by clicking on the paperclip icon next to any of your equipment on your My Fleet page. Once you've saved your docs, you can view them any time by clicking on the paperclip.

Check out our Youtube video for a step-by-step guide.

Auction Overview Video

Our Auction Video on YouTube gives a quick overview of eqhq's auction features from both seller and bidder perspectives.

You can see more eqhq videos by visiting our channel. Remember to click Subscribe to stay updated on the latest eqhq news and features.

How do I register to bid for an auction?

When you sign up, check the box that you want to participate in auctions. That’s it. Once you are approved to buy, you will be able to bid on items. If you have a sales tax exemption, file your certificate now on your My Account page and get through checkout faster.

Do I have to bid from my computer?

We are 100% digital and online. Bidding from your computer is the best method of bidding. Soon we will be adding an app to enable mobile bidding.

Where are auctions held?

All auctions are on-line. Save time. Save money. eqhq.com believes all auctions should simply be online. Sellers can list their equipment in our system to be sold through our buy now process or online auctions. We offer a great way to view items online and will soon be launching some very innovative technology to view details on items from anywhere in the world. Bids can be placed online so buyers from around the world can participate. Once payment is confirmed, the eqhq team goes to work and will help buyers with documents, warranty, transport items from your location or the auction site.

How Do I bid online?
  • Time-Frame: Auction bids can be submitted throughout the entire bidding period. (The length of the sale is listed online along with other sale information.)
  • Placing a Bid: You can submit bids by clicking the “Next Bid” button on the detail page for each item or by submitting a “Maximum Bid” amount (or the largest amount that you’ll spend, higher than any previous bids on that object). If a maximum bid is entered, eqhq.com will execute at the lowest possible amount based on competing bids for that lot. If two or more parties leave identical bids, the first received will win.
  • Responsibility: Remember that each bid placed enters you into a binding contract with eqhq and the seller and is always subject to the terms and conditions. Please only bid if you’re ready to purchase.
  • Results: After an auction closes, you can confirm a winning bid by checking the “Your Bids” tab of “Your Account” in the online-only auction of the website. You will also receive an email notification.
Can I inspect the equipment?

We offer online inspection tools with our 150-point inspection forms. We can also get videos of the items and more. In addition, eligible items come with a FREE limited warranty as part of the eqhq.com shield.

Which items have a reserve?

Any item can have a reserve price or the seller may have set the reserve at $0.

Who can answer questions on the equipment?

Our Customer Care team members are ready to help you. Just call 844-777-3747 and we'll do our best to answer your questions.

Will I have to pay sales tax?

Sales of tangible personal property in most states are generally subject to sales tax. Construction equipment is generally considered tangible personal property. In some instances, retailers must collect use tax, rather than sales tax. A common example of a purchase subject to the use tax is a purchase of an item for use in California from an out-of-state retailer. The tax rate for sales and use taxes are generally the same

How do I pick up my purchase?

Once your payment for an item has successfully been processed, just follow these steps:

  • Decide if you plan to pick up the item or have it delivered through one of our transport partners.
  • If you choose an eqhq.com transport partner, approve the eqhq.com quote provided and select your desired date.
  • Our team will work with the seller to target your date.
  • You will receive information on transportation along the way.
  • Once picked up, both parties will receive confirmation emails and the funds will be released.
  • Titles will be sent from eqhq.com within 21 business days along with any other paperwork.
Can I retract a bid?

If you've made a mistake when bidding on an item, you can retract your bid in certain circumstances. Are you a seller looking to cancel a bid? Read our article on canceling bids.

Whenever you place a bid, you're agreeing to buy the item if you win the auction. However, in some situations you can retract your bid. Keep in mind that you can't always retract a bid once it's made – if you're not able to retract your bid, you can also try contacting customer service to see if they can help.

When can I retract a bid?

You can retract a bid if:

  • The seller significantly changed the description of the item
  • You accidentally bid the wrong amount. For example, you meant to bid $10, not $1,000. In this case, enter the price you intended to bid as soon as you've retracted the incorrect bid
  • You can't reach the seller. For example, you sent the seller an email or text and it comes back undeliverable, or you tried contacting the seller and eqhq.com

As well as the above, timing is also important when retracting a bid:

  • If there are 48 hours or more left before the listing ends, all of your bids can be retracted
  • If the listing is ending in less than 48 hours, you can not retract your most recent bid

Any other bids can't be retracted, but you can still contact eqhq.com to see if they'll agree to cancel a bid for you. Remember, the seller isn’t obligated to cancel the bid so they may not agree.

What is a reserve price?

A reserve price is the minimum amount the seller is willing to sell an item for. If the reserve price isn't met, the item won't be sold.

Sellers can choose to add a reserve price when listing an item in an eqhq.com auction. Unless they state their reserve price in the listing, you won't know what it is until you either meet it or bid above it. If you bid below the reserve price, you'll see a "Reserve not met" message. This means that even if you're the highest bidder at the end of the auction, you won't win the item.

Sellers can lower their reserve price during the auction or make second chance offer once it ends. We'll send you a message if either of these happen, so you have another chance to buy the item.

What is automatic bidding?

Automatic bidding is the easiest way to bid on an eqhq.com auction. Simply enter the highest price you’re willing to pay for an item, and we'll do the rest. Once you set up automatic bidding, you can stay ahead of the competition for an item without needing to be on the eqhq.com site.

How do I set up automatic bidding?

To set up automatic bidding on an auction listing, enter the maximum amount you’d like to pay for the item and select Place bid. We’ll bid in increments on your behalf to keep you in the lead but only up to your limit. We’ll let you know if someone outbids you and you can decide if you want to increase your maximum limit. Keep in mind when you’re deciding on the maximum amount you’d like to pay that you’ll need to pay the cost of shipping too.


Bidding on items can be exciting, but it is a contractual obligation. When deciding your maximum bid, be sure you’re happy to pay that amount if you win the auction.

Why was I immediately outbid?

If you are outbid immediately after placing a bid, it’s likely that another bidder is using automatic bidding and has a maximum limit higher than yours. You’ll need to increase your maximum limit in order to be the highest bidder. Occasionally you’ll see bids increase by less. This means that someone else placed a bid slightly higher than your automatic bid amount.

What if there is an issue?

If you’ve asked your seller to help with a problem and they’re not able to resolve it for you within 5 business days, you can ask us to help. When something goes wrong with an order, most sellers do their best to fix things for you. Sometimes, though, they aren’t able to resolve your issue, or you can’t come to an agreement with them. When this happens, you can ask eqhq.com to step in and help.

When you ask eqhq.com to step in what happens?

Once you’ve let the seller know there’s an issue with your order, they have 5 business days to make things right. After that, you can ask us to step in. However, if you and the seller are working on a solution, you don’t need to ask us to step in as soon as the 5 business days are up. Most sellers want to fix problems for their buyers, so if you’re still talking, give them a little longer to figure things out. You have up to 21 days after you start your request to ask us to step in.

What else happens after you ask eqhq.com to step in?

We’ll review your case and resolve it in the fairest way possible. We normally come back with an answer within 72 hours, though it might take longer if we need more information. Once we’ve made a decision, we’ll send you and the seller an email to let you know. If we close the case in your favor, you should receive your refund within 72 hours.

How do I checkout?

If you’re the winning bidder, simply enter the eqhq.com checkout process. At checkout you can pay for your item, choose where you’d like it to be delivered, and review your order details before you pay. You can go to checkout on eqhq.com in a number of ways. If you've already bought an item or won an auction, just select Pay Now , or Purchase in your order confirmation email and step through the process.

How to pay for an item at checkout?

Here’s how to complete your order:

  • Choose your payment method and enter any required information.
  • We’ll show your primary shipping address, but if you want the item sent somewhere else, select Change. You can then either select another address you’ve used before or select Add a new address.
  • Check that the item shown is the right one.
  • Select a shipping option.
  • Select Confirm and pay.
How to list?

Listing your items at the right price will help them sell. Look for similar products on eqhq.com to get an idea of what other sellers are charging. Feel free to also look at our tools to get a value based on our eqiq engine.

Choosing your listing format?

How you price your item may also depend on whether you create an auction-style listing or a buy now listing.

Pricing in an auction-style listing
  • Buyers can compete for your item, so choosing a low starting price can help create more interest.
  • In certain categories, you can add a reserve price. This is the lowest price you're willing to accept for the item. It can protect you from having to sell for less than you're comfortable with.
  • If you know the price you'd like to get for an item, but would still like to sell in an auction-style listing, you can add a Buy It Now price (an additional fee may apply).
  • For certain items, eqhq.com may provide a price recommendation in the listing flow. These price ranges and recommendations are based on similar items recently sold (fees excluded).
Other terms and conditions

When you lower the reserve price, the high bidder will need to confirm their interest in winning the item—they won’t automatically win the item, even if their bid was higher than the new reserve price. The high bidder may have bid on another item when they didn’t initially meet your reserve price. If the high bidder still wants to purchase the item they’ll need to bid again at or above the new reserve price or use the Buy It Now option.

Ending a listing early

In some situations, you might want to end a listing early (also referred to as canceling a listing). If, for example, if you posted your item on another site and someone bought it through that medium, you would remove that item from eqhq.com.

The guidelines below are for ending a listing early.

Reasons for ending a listing early

When you choose to end a listing early, buyers may feel disappointed. If you regularly end listings early, your account may be subject to account restrictions and other consequences. However, we understand that sometimes you may have a good reason to end a listing early, such as discovering a major problem with an item you’ve listed. You can also choose to end a listing early in order to sell your item to your current high bidder or to another eqhq.com member with whom you’ve negotiated a price.

How do I know what I am getting?

Everything in an auction sells "as is, where is" We recommend that you review all the information provided, use the question button to ask for any additional information, review any inspection data and if successful and eligible – purchase a warranty.

Transaction fees

Please review our transaction fees section. They are the lowest in in the industry by 75%

Buyers fee: $0 (excluding tax, warranty and any additional services selected.) Sellers fee: If successful, a percentage of the total amount (see schedule).

Can I use my bank or credit union to finance my purchase?

Yes, you can! We work with most US-based banks and credit unions so you can choose the financing and payment options that work best for you. When placing an order, you will be asked to provide the name of your bank and other important details.

How do I pay for an item?

To pay for an item, go through the checkout process and make your full payment through your eqhq.com account within 24 hours of purchasing or securing the item. Your invoice with instructions on how to submit a payment will be available immediately after you complete Checkout. Payments can be made by financing through ACH, wire transfers or by credit card for select items (an additional 3.0% fee will apply).

After purchasing an item, when and how do I receive my title?

Unless otherwise noted, eqhq.com will send the title to you within 21 business days after the close of the purchase. A scanned version will also appear in your account. Your title/titling document will be forwarded via a delivery source that will allow you to track your package. Title inquiries should be sent to customerservice@eqhq.com.

If I don't receive my title within 21 business days after the close of the purchase, what should I do?

You should locate the tracking number provided on the email you receive when your title is sent. This information can also be found in the "Bought" section of your My Activity page . Title inquiries should be sent to customerservice@eqhq.com. Your concern will be followed up by a member of the title team.

Does eqhq.com provide full equipment registration services?

eqhq.com provides buyers with a transferable title but we do not provide registration services.

Does eqhq.com provide a Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) along with my Used Equipment?

MSO documents are issued by the manufacturer of New Equipment to provide a record of ownership prior to equipment registration. eqhq.com does not provide an MSO for Used Equipment.

If I buy equipment that has an out-of-state title does eqhq.com guarantee that I can get it registered/titled in my home state?

eqhq.com will furnish a valid title from the proper state. Because registration/title requirements differ greatly from state to state, you should contact your local government agency for any special out of state requirements. When possible, eqhq.com can assist the Buyer in obtaining other documents necessary for registration.

If I plan to drive or self-pick-up my purchased equipment from the Seller's premises, what documents should I have with me?

State requirements differ, so you should contact your government agency / DOT for exact requirements in your state. At a minimum you (or your driver) should carry a copy of your paid invoice, insurance card and driver's license. Please be aware, some states do require that you obtain a temporary permit (tags) ito transport vehicles (and other equipment) on road prior to official title registration.

If I self-transport a vehicle, trailer or heavy equipment are my rights to dispute the condition of the equipment any different than if I use a common carrier?

Yes. If a buyer self-transports equipment from a seller premises in any way other than common carrier, equipment acceptance occurs as soon as you remove the equipment from the seller's premise. If when you arrive for self-transport and the vehicle or equipment is not in the same condition as it appeared in the inspection report, do not remove the equipment prior to calling eqhq.com Customer Care at (844) 777-3747 ext 2

I am exporting or importing my equipment. How should I handle the process?

It can take up to 21 business days after the close of a sale to deliver the title. In cases where the equipment is being moved to a country outside of the US advance notice will need to be sent to the eqhq.com title department. This will ensure we can provide the necessary paperwork prior to arrangements being made to pick up the equipment for shipment. Failure to provide this notice may result in delays with the delivery of your title.

If I have an accident while driving my purchased equipment between the Seller and Buyer's premises, who is liable for any damages that might be incurred?

Buyers are responsible for all liability after driving or directly removing equipment and trailers from Seller's premises.

At my request, will eqhq.com put a different "Buyer or Company name" on a title other than the registered name/company provided in my account for a piece of equipment?

The Buyer's name or the Company Name entered at time of registration is the only name eqhq.com can put on the title. When you complete the check-out process, you will be asked to confirm which name you want on your title. You will also be asked to verify the mailing address. Contact Customer Care if there are any issues with the name (s) on your profile.

What is a funds verification?

A funds verification is our way of verifying that funds are available for your purchase, the account information entered online is accurate, and that your bank is compatible with our system to process payment.

What is the process to verify my order if I am financing with my own bank or credit union?

Most lenders require a signed copy of your Retail Purchase Agreement (commonly known as a Buyer's Order) in order to finalize your loan. We recommend reviewing and signing your online contracts as soon as you place your order, so that you can provide the purchase agreement to your lender if necessary. We encourage you to reach out to your bank or credit union and finalize all details of the loan. eqhq.com will need to ensure that your loan is funded and confirm your method of payment before we can finalize your pick-up or delivery.

What is the process to verify my order if I am paying cash?

If you are paying for your equipment with cash, our underwriting team needs to verify your funds are currently available and complete a standard identity /bank / ach verification.

Does eqhq.com offer any warranties or protections?

Yes! eqhq.com offers a FREE Limited Warranty on all eligible items where applicable under 7 years / 7,000 hours. We also offer a We Make It Right Policy if you notify us of any issue within the first 7 days of ownership. Finally, we offer products to extend coverage beyond the expiration of the Limited Warranty.

What if I don't like my items? Can I return it?

All eqhq equipment comes with a We Make It Right policy. If you decide you don't like the equipment during those first 7 days, just give us a call and we will do our best to Make It Right.

What are the limits of the We Make It Right Policy?

We are here to handle anything we can and to do our best to Make It Right. Call us if you have an issue.

What is the Limited Warranty?

Eligible items come with a complimentary Limited Warranty that is valid for 6 months or 500 miles, whichever comes first. This warranty covers Basic and Powertrain components, but please note there is a co-pay to open a warranty claim.

What is the return policy?

eqhq.com does not accept returns. If an item has the eqhq Shield and is not received in the condition described in our inspection report, please contact us within one business day of receiving the item. Valid dispute claims will be handled in a mutually beneficial manner. All other items are sold as-is where-is.

What is eqhq.com Shield?

All of our items come with the eqhq Shield. The Shield protects you. It includes seller ratings so you can see what other buyers have experienced, warranty options when available, lien checks, stolen checks, price / value checks, payment verification, payment security through Stripe and Plaid, assurance policies and so much more. Its the most valuable protection in the industry and is there to make the process fair, transparent and simple.

How do I use my Limited Warranty?

Your Limited Warranty is provided through our warranty provider. To open a warranty claim, contact our Warranty Partner directly at 1-800-541-8585 to submit the claim.

I emailed the warranty team and haven't heard back. What do I do?

The warranty team does their best to respond to all emails within 24 - 48 hours. Please give us a call at 1-844-777-3747 ext 4 or email us at warranty@eqhq.com, if you have not received a response in more than 48 hours.

What kind of information should I have available during the Checkout Process?

There are two important pieces of information that you will need to complete your Checkout process successfully:

  • Your sales tax exemption certificate, if you believe you are exempt from sales tax.
  • Buyers exporting equipment will also be asked to declare their US port of export.

If your resale certificate is already on file for your equipment destination state, your resale exemption number will pop-up automatically during Checkout. If your resale certificate is not on file, you will need to provide a copy of your resale certificate.

How long will it take for me to complete the Checkout process?

If you have your tax exemption status before you start Checkout, the process should take you less than five (5) minutes.

When will I be able to see and print my Invoice?

You will be able to access your Invoice immediately and it will be in your account after Checkout.

What if I cannot get through the Checkout process successfully?

Please contact customer care at customerservice@eqhq.com.

Once I have completed Checkout, can I make changes to my delivery address or tax exemption status?

You will be able to make changes to your Checkout information up to one (1) business day after completing checkout. However, if you have completed Checkout and made full payment, you will not be able to modify the Checkout information yourself. You will need to speak with one of our customer care agents to make any modifications to your Checkout.

When can I request shipping quotations from eqhq’s Transportation Partners?

During the Checkout process you will be asked if you want to receive transportation quotes for your purchase. In many cases, eqhq's transport desk can provide you with an instant quote and take care of all the transport needs. All of our transport partners are licensed, insured and bonded. If you don't see a quote - just email our desk and we will obtain a quote for you. You will receive a quote using our community pricing power and largest discount available. We do the work, so you don't have to.

I haven't decided what the delivery address will be. I'm considering more than one address.

If you don't know your delivery destination immediately after purchase, you have up to to one (1) business days to complete the Checkout process and make full payment. Equipment must be moved from the seller's yard within twenty-one (21) business days after the purchase.

Why do I have to provide a Bill of Lading?

To be able to exempt your purchase from sales tax in the equipment pick-up location state, you must provide evidence that you have moved this equipment by common carrier to another state or exported it out of the U.S.

Why do I have to provide the domestic Bill of Lading when the Export document is evidence that the item left the United States and is therefore exempt from taxes?

In the U.S., each state has their individual sales tax regulations. The domestic Bill of Lading (using a common carrier) exempts your purchase from being taxed in the pick-up location state. This Bill of Lading proves that you did not take possession of or use the equipment in the pick-up location state prior to transporting it to your port of export.

What if I can't provide the Bill of Lading or Export documents within 10 days?

Your transportation may take longer than this. If you are unable to submit your Bill of Lading or a preliminary Bill of Lading showing that the item is destined to a port of export within 10 days, you will be required to pay sales tax. You will need to provide eqhq.com a domestic Bill of Lading showing the City / State equipment pick-up location and Export documents that include the U.S. port of export and the final delivery destination. eqhq.com will not process refund requests received beyond (10) ten-days after the sale. After the ten-day period, the buyer may request a sales tax refund directly from the State where taxes were paid. eqhq.com cannot apply for state sales tax refunds on behalf of buyers. Buyers must work directly with the relevant state.

Why do I have to pay sales tax?

This is an internet purchase and it's going to be different by State. Purchasing over the Internet does not exempt you from the payment of sales/use tax. If you have equipment transported to another state for personal use or for use in your business, this equipment may be subject to state and local sales/use tax based on the laws of your delivery destination state.

Once I schedule my delivery or pickup, how will I know when my order is confirmed for pickup or delivery?

Once your delivery or pickup has been scheduled, our underwriting team will review your purchase details and will reach out if we need anything else from you. You will know when your order is finalized when you receive an email that contains confirmation of your delivery or pickup date and details on what to expect at the time of your appointment.

What does the shipping charge cover? Is it refundable?

Items have a shipping charge associated with them, due to the distance between the current location and your location, based on your delivery zip code. It is not refundable.

How do I register to buy?

Sign up for an account and fill out the user profile. Once your account is activated, you will be able to make purchases. If you are a reseller or have a sales tax exemption, file your certificate now on the My Account Page and to get through checkout faster.

Do I have to buy from my computer?

Buying from your computer is the quickest and most reliable method of purchasing. You can also buy using eqhq.com on your mobile device for additional convenience. We will be launching a full mobile app in the next few months.

Can I inspect the equipment myself?

Sorry, this is usually difficult to arrange due to the distribution of equipment at the time of sale. Our independent inspections provide detailed in-depth reports on the condition of the equipment. This is backed up by our eqhq Shield which lets you buy with confidence, even without needing to see the equipment yourself.

Will I have to pay sales tax?

Retail sales of tangible personal property in most states are generally subject to sales tax. Construction equipment is generally considered tangible personal property. In some instances, retailers must collect use tax, rather than sales tax. A common example of a purchase subject to the use tax is a purchase of an item for use in California from an out-of-state retailer. The tax rate for sales and use taxes are generally the same.

How do I pick up my purchase?

Once your payment for an item has successfully been processed, just follow these steps:

Review your Item Release Form- (available on your eqhq.com account) for scheduling contact. If your item notes eqhq.com support for the seller:

  • email our customer support team at customersupport@eqhq.com
  • eqhq.com will verify whether the seller has requested pickup support, where we provide you or your transporter with the site name and address after scheduling a pickup time window. In the interest of protecting our sellers’ privacy, we provide their address only and all email and phone communication is through eqhq.com Customer Care.
  • eqhq.com will send you a confirmation of the scheduled pickup appointment along with your Item Release Form with an Item Release Code. These are also available for download from your eqhq.com account after purchase and must be presented when picking up your item.
  • if a seller has agreed to release their contact and location information to buyers, you will find it on your item release form available for download from your eqhq.com account. In this case you can contact the seller directly to arrange pickup.
Why were my documents rejected?

Occasionally once in a while we receive documents that are either unreadable or do not contain the necessary information needed to complete the underwriting process. Please check your account as we may indicate the reason why the document was rejected. You can re-upload or upload new documents to the Order Summary Dashboard page by clicking the "Browse Files" button.

Where can I upload additional documents requested by eqhq.com?

Once you have scheduled your delivery or pickup, you will be able to upload additional documents to your account through the Dashboard by clicking the "Browse" button. If you are having trouble uploading documents to your order summary page, our Customer Service team can send you a secure link to upload your documents.

Can I submit dealer/reseller tax exemption documents before making a purchase?

Yes. We encourage our buyers to submit all valid dealer license/reseller tax exemption documents in advance if they are eligible for sales tax exemption. This will expedite the sales tax exemption process for you! Once the tax documents have been reviewed and verified by a Customer Care representative, your account will be set-up to apply sales tax exemption for the respective state(s) for the calendar year. When it comes time to check-out, you can select the eligible tax documentations on file to have tax automatically adjusted on your invoice. To upload the tax exemption documents, go to the Tax Exemption section of My Account.

I have sales tax exemptions for multiple states, can I submit tax exemption documents in advance?

Yes, you certainly can! Complete the relevant tax forms and upload all the applicable tax certificates under the Tax Certificate section of My Account. Once the tax documents have been reviewed and verified by a Customer Care representative, your account will be set-up to apply sales tax exemption for the respective state(s) for the calendar year.

If you are a buyer who has a state reseller exemption but have purchased an item outside of the respective state, you will need to provide a supplemental document (if required by the state of purchase) for non-resident reseller.

Common supplemental documents are:

  • Uniform Sales & use Tax Certificate (MJST)
  • Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (SSUTA)
Can I view tax certificates that I previously uploaded?

You can view previously uploaded tax certificates in the tax exemption certificate section of My Account.

What purchases are subject to sales or use tax?

Retail sales of tangible personal property in most states are generally subject to sales tax. Construction equipment is generally considered tangible personal property. In some instances, retailers must collect use tax, rather than sales tax. A common example of a purchase subject to the use tax is a purchase of an item for use in California from an out-of-state retailer. The tax rate for sales and use taxes are generally the same.

Are sales and use tax rates and regulations the same between and among the different states?

No, sales tax rates and regulations vary greatly from state to state.

Do all states levy sales and/or use tax?

No, there are five states that do not have sales/use tax regulations; these are Alaska, New Hampshire, Montana, Oregon and Delaware.

Will I pay sales tax if I buy a titled item in Florida?

Unless you are a Licensed Dealer in the United States, we are collecting sales tax for the state of Florida. However, if you are exporting your item outside the United States, we will refund the Florida sales tax after you send us the corresponding export documents.

**NOTE You will be charged taxes (VAT) for items located in Mexico and titled vehicles located in Florida. Once proper documentation is provided eqhq.com will issue a refund.

When can I claim a valid exemption from Sales and/or Use Tax and where do I send my completed documents?

You may be exempt from sales tax if you meet --all-- the following criteria:

  • You are a reseller of like-kind equipment as the equipment you just bought; and
  • You have a valid Seller Permit (or its equivalent) from your state; and
  • You have completed the Exemption or Resale Certificate for your state and submitted it to eqhq.com; and
  • You have submitted a Bill of Lading from a common carrier for shipment of your purchase.
Why are Resale Certificates required?

If you purchase tangible personal property but intend to resell it yourself, the transaction is not subject to sales or use tax provided the sale is properly documented. As a result, eqhq.com will ask you to provide a Resale Certificate as proof that the property is being purchased for resale.

What information must a Resale Certificate include?

Resale Certificates apply to a specific item being purchased. The certificate may be in any form, such as a note, letter, or memorandum (for California-related transactions, we have an online Resale Certificate for your use). A new Resale Certificate is required for each purchase. The certificate must contain the following information:

  • The name and address of the purchaser.

  • The number of the Reseller's Permit held by the purchaser.

  • A description (including serial number or VIN) of the specific property being purchased.

  • A statement that the described property is being purchased for resale.

  • The certificate must contain words that state the property will be resold or is for resale. The use of words such as "nontaxable" or "exempt" or similar terms is not acceptable.

  • Signature of the purchaser or someone approved to act on his or her behalf.

  • Date certificate was signed.

What if I do not hold a Seller's Permit?

While most states require a Resale Certificate, not all states require a Seller's Permit. If you are a purchaser who is not required to hold a Seller's Permit but wish to make a purchase using a Resale Certificate, you must indicate on the Resale Certificate that you do not hold a Seller's Permit and why a permit is not required.

Some states, such as California, require a Seller's Permit; buyers from such states must always supply a Seller's Permit number on their Resale Certificates. What are my responsibilities as a buyer using a Resale Certificate?

You should not use a Resale Certificate if there is any question whether you will resell the property. There may be times when you are not sure whether the items you are purchasing are for resale or for personal use. In such cases, you should pay sales tax to eqhq.com. If, at a later date, you resell the item before making use of it, you can take a deduction on the tax return on which you report the sale.

I have a Seller's Permit, but where do I find a Resale Certificate?

For those states that require Resale Certificates, to support an exemption from the application of sales tax on purchases of tangible personal property, you can usually download forms from the website that supports your particular state's Department of Taxation or Bureau of Equalization.

Why do I have to provide a Bill of Lading for purchases made in some states if I have a valid Seller's Permit and provide a Resale Certificate?

Some states, such as California, require that an out-of-state buyer provide a Bill of Lading showing that the property was transported out-of-state by common carrier prior to its use.

What if I do not use a Common Carrier?

You may be liable for sales tax even if your purchase is for resale if you self-transport your purchase across state lines rather than use a common carrier. This is the case for all equipment located in California, as one example. Unless a Bill of Lading is provided to show that a Common Carrier transported your purchase out of the state from which it was purchased, you are required to pay sales tax in that state, regardless of your resale intentions.

Are there any penalties for the illegal use of a Resale Certificate?

Yes. It is considered a misdemeanor in many states to issue a Resale Certificate to evade payment of tax. Typically, each offense is punishable by a fine or imprisonment for up to one year in county jail, or both. If you give a Resale Certificate to purchase property that you know at the time will not be resold in the regular course of business, you can expect:

  • Liability for the amount of tax due had the certificate not been used; and
  • Liability for Interest payments on the tax due; and
  • Penalties imposed by your state for intent to fraud or intent to evade tax; and
  • Possible cancellation of your Seller's Permit.
I hold a valid California Seller's Permit. What must I provide to eqhq.com to avoid sales tax on purchase of equipment located within California?

California resellers can submit to eqhq.com a completed California Resale Certificate, with their Seller's Permit Number. Each item purchased requires its own Resale Certificate, which is available on our website upon the completion of the auction for an item. Each certificate will include instructions to print, sign and where to fax it to us.

I do not have a California Seller's Permit. Can I still use the California Resale Certificate to avoid sales tax?

No. Only California retailers who have registered with the State of California and obtained a Seller's Permit can use the California Resale Certificate.

I believe I am eligible for a Partial Exemption from California sales tax. What do I have to submit to eqhq.com so I get my partial sales tax exemption calculated on my auction invoice?

You will find the required form(s) at the California State Board of Equalization website. Complete the documentation that applies to your situation and upload it to eqhq.com immediately after notification of successfully purchasing your equipment.

I am a licensed California contractor but do not have a California Seller's Permit. If I buy equipment located in California, is my purchase taxable?

Yes. If you purchase construction equipment that is located in California, your purchase is taxable.

I am not a California reseller, but plan to move my California equipment purchase outside of the United States, do I have to pay sales tax on my purchase?

Since you are not a California reseller, eqhq.com initially will have to charge sales tax on your purchase. After you submit either a Bill of Lading or export documents that clearly substantiate that your purchased equipment has reached a destination outside of California, your sales tax deposit will be 100% refunded.

I do not have a California Seller's Permit. I am planning to move equipment I just purchased in California to another state, do I have to pay California sales tax?

Initially, yes, but only as a temporary deposit until the equipment leaves the state. At the time of purchase, you will have to deposit 100% of the applicable California sales tax to eqhq.com. If you use a common carrier to transport the equipment out of California you can will get a full refund of your sales tax deposit after submitting a completed Bill of Lading showing the equipment pickup location and destination.

How much time does it take for my sales tax refund to be processed after I provide the Bill of Lading?

Wire transfer refunds will be processed within 24 hours (one business day) after eqhq.com receives the Bill of Lading, Resale Certificate, and your wire transfer instructions. Refunds requested paid by company check can take up to 5 business days prior to mailing.

Where should I fax the Bill of Lading to ensure I receive my refund of the tax?

Upload your Bill of Lading with the eqhq.com Item number on it.

I have a Seller's Permit and Resale Certificate from another state, why do I have to submit a Bill of Lading showing my equipment purchase left California before I receive my sales tax refund?

California does not accept out-of-state Seller's Permit or Resale Certificates as valid documentation of a nontaxable transaction. Only by providing eqhq.com a Bill of Lading showing the equipment moved to a destination outside California can your purchase of equipment located in California be considered nontaxable.

I am a California reseller. Must I pay sales tax for equipment purchased in another state?

Initially, yes, but only as a temporary deposit. At the time of purchase, you will have to deposit 100% of the sales tax for the other state with eqhq.com. To avoid owing that tax and to get your deposit refunded, you must use a common carrier and move the purchased equipment to a destination within California. Provide eqhq.com both a California Resale Certificate for the purchase and a Bill of Lading from the common carrier and your sales tax will be refunded.

Will the seller help load equipment into a container?

No. The seller is not required to load any piece of equipment or attachment into a container. The buyer must make arrangements for loading into containers with the buyer's transportation company.

Will the seller dismantle equipment for shipment?

The seller is not required to dismantle any part of equipment for transportation. However, some sellers or storing agents may offer their services for dismantling for an additional fee. The buyer must make the request with the seller or storing agent. Contact information for the seller will be provided once eqhq.com has received full payment for item(s) purchased. Any additional fees will have to be negotiated and paid to the seller or storing agent. eqhq.com will take no part in arranging dismantling unless otherwise stated on our website.

How do I get dimensions and/or specifications for my equipment?

eqhq.com cannot provide additional dimensions and/or specifications on equipment above that which is provided in our inspection reports. Buyers may obtain dimensions and/or specifications by contacting the original equipment manufacturer, or visiting the manufacturer's website, contacting dealers in your area or doing your own search on the Internet. A buyer should work with their transportation company to review common references for dimensions. The seller may choose to assist you with additional information, but remember, the seller is not required to provide any additional information about the equipment.

How do I contact the seller to arrange pickup?

eqhq.com will provide you with the seller's contact information once you have made full payment. You can also find this information, after full payment is made, on our website by accessing the Transportation Authorization link located in the Post Sale Info page for that item.

How much time do I have to pick up my equipment from the seller's location?

The buyer must remove the equipment from Seller's premises no later than 14 business days after the sale closes. After the 14th business day, the seller is allowed to charge the buyer storage fees. After sixty (60) days, the equipment may be deemed abandoned and disposed of with all storage fees and full commissions deducted from proceeds.