About Us

eqhq.com, based in Bethesda, Maryland, was created after our founder's frustration with buying, selling and managing equipment in his own fleet. After dealing with listings, phone calls, emails, travel, unfair terms, hidden fees, questionable sellers, finding documents, checking liens, obtaining warranties, getting financing, locating transportation and so much more - all for one item…he decided to create a real equipment solution. His passion for the customer and all things equipment are evident in eqhq.com

The team behind eqhq.com has created award winning big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions of scale and thought it was time someone evened the heavy equipment playing field. At eqhq, we believe that everyone should have access to the information and tools needed to maximize value. We believe in simple solutions to complex problems. We believe transaction costs should be low and service should be high. Driven by our passion for creating a superior service and working closely with our customers, eqhq has been able to develop a platform that provides superior market intelligence, unparalleled equipment management tools, a user friendly marketplace and so much more.

As we connect more buyers and sellers the system gets smarter and clients benefit - we all create the value and that's the power of the eqhq community - it's why we think this should become everyone's equipment headquarters (eqhq). We will work tirelessly to make everyone in our eqhq universe happy and provide the highest levels of customer service imaginable.

enjoy eqhq

mitch g.