About Us

eqhq is the first software service that levels the equipment playing field. eqhq maximizes value for heavy equipment buyers and sellers. Our products provide superior market intelligence and unparalleled equipment management tools. We believe in a simple and transparent heavy equipment future powered by technology, superior service, and community. Welcome to the future of equipmentech – welcome to eqhq.

Key Team Members

The team behind eqhq has created award winning big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions of scale – they also have bought, sold, transported, lien checked, inspected, repaired, serviced, insured, stored, auctioned and managed a lot of equipment – so in working to solve its own problem, eqhq has solved everyone's problem. Please enjoy eqhq and give us feedback – we think the only thing we do better than building solutions is listening to our community.

LI-In-Bug.png Mitchell Goldsteen, Founder

LI-In-Bug.png Matt Kelly