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eqhq team
April 21, 2021

Welcome to eqhq! The first free end to end online heavy equipment marketplace.

eqhq is a simple, efficient and trusted platform for buying and selling heavy equipment, worldwide 24/7. eqhq charges no registration or usage fees. all listings are free and so is the full software suite.

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After years of frustration, we have simplified the heavy equipment world: Search, Review Results, Compare Items and Finalize the Deal online. It is that easy. Not interested in buying or selling - well email us your fleet and we will onboard you so you have a free solution to finally, easily manage your fleet. No monthly fees - sort your fleet, upload important documents, determine key facts about your fleet and more.

eqhq offers buyers a place where they can effortlessly search through 100% legitimate and reliable inventory listings. You can view reports, sellers, condition, prices and more, allowing you to purchase equipment with confidence. eqhq’s advanced comparison tool takes all of the guesswork out of choosing the right equipment saves valuable time.

eqhq provides tremendous benefits for sellers, helping them move their assets. Adding your inventory to the eqhq marketplace is free of charge and free of pain. By allowing vendors to constantly continue selling online 24/7/365 to customers across the globe, they enjoy a bigger market presence and greater inventory exposure. Notifications will alert you to any activity on your account, so you’ll never miss a sale.

Sellers can fulfill a demand in minutes, saving valuable time. The personalized statistics and business insights offered by eqhq give businesses access to all the information needed to grow their company. Sellers gain incremental business with zero risk.

Efficient. Secure. Reliable.

Join us today and all these benefits and more.

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