Selling 101

eqhq team
May 15, 2021
How Do I Sell It?

Think about what the best option is on selling your equipment. What are your priorities? Speed? Top Dollar? etc.

You can choose to sell it through our sell now / buy now structure or through our auction system. The auction system is based on a reserved or unreserved auction. If selling the equipment at auction is the preferred method, then it's important to understand the contractual obligations of the auction. This includes knowing and understanding all of the terms and conditions, whether you are the buyer or seller.

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Traditional auctions usually require transporting the equipment to an auction location, with fees associated for relocating the machinery as well as storage fees on the auction house property. We dont believe that makes sense in todays world. With machine learning and artificial intelligence, it can be so much easier for all of us. Online auctions have become increasingly popular - they are faster, cheaper, smarter and way more logical. The equipment does not leave the seller's control until after the sale is made, payment is received and delivery arrangements are made. This gives the seller peace of mind regarding the safety and security of the equipment and eliminates transportation costs. This is a primary reason that online auction companies offer detailed inspection reports and photos that are posted online for potential buyers to review.

We also offer a full buy now feature. Check out all the options at