The Rise of Equipment Tech

May 5, 2021

True awareness of your heavy equipment

When you think about technology and construction do you see autonomous vehicles or excavators decked out with sensors and rangefinders? All of these high-tech solutions have one thing in common: they’re all implemented on the jobsite. But who managed and purchased the fleet? How is technology transforming their role? Enter the new space of Equipment Tech.

Fleet managers know they need to track assets, manage maintenance, and keep an ever-growing pile of documents organized. There are many solutions out there that offer some of these capabilities, but all have hefty price tags, and they struggle to answer the important question: how valuable is my equipment?

This is where the construction industry benefits from the innovation driving platforms like Carvana or VRBO: putting sophisticated AI and a wealth of data to work to shift how an industry thinks about their assets. Once a fleet manager knows how much their heavy equipment is really worth based on the data of the entire $450 billion heavy equipment market--then they can start to manage their fleet in a way that truly drives value for their company.

eqhq my fleet screenshot.PNG

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