Equipment Simplified

Team eqhq
May 5, 2021

Look familiar?

We will say this a lot but we think the world needs: equipment simplified.

We are thrilled to be part of the community working to change the $400 billion heavy equipment market. It will take time but we aren't going anywhere. As we pioneer equipmentech we are looking forward to working with the entire community to improve our offering to save people time and money. We want your feedback and suggestions. We are here to serve and aim to please. We want to drive innovation across the ecosystem, and we work hard every day to live up to that standard.

Today’s reality is that the equipment market is too expensive, too complicated and too inefficient. As our community has dealt with this for so long, is positioned to help people get more value for their dollar on every purchase and to help businesses manage the biggest item on their balance sheet with our entire platform. Go ahead and give it a try - we know once you do, you will appreciate what we have assembled for your benefit.

Our Business

As a two-sided marketplace and full equipment management platform, we are proud of our achievements on both sides of our business. We are open for business and encourage everyone to give it a try - the more users we have the better price and service will get.